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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Things I never knew would be so difficult during pregnancy

Things I never knew would be so difficult during pregnancy:


Fitting into a tiny bathroom stall.  Getting that door to open and close when you have a giant belly sticking out in front of you is surprisingly hard.  I usually end up squeezed into the toilet or wall trying to get out.  You'd think I’d remember this each time and just go for the handicap stall, but no, I’m always in such a hurry to go the bathroom (another lovely pregnancy symptom) that I rush to the nearest open stall.

Eating with a plate in your lap. This doesn’t sound like it would be hard, right? Well, when your stomach sticks out so far, that means your plate is further away.  This means you end up dropping food all over yourself.  Not a good look. I just stick to the table now when I run home for lunch.

Getting up from the floor. Wow.  You’d think I’d just run a marathon for how out of breath I can be from just standing up from sitting on the floor.  I usually end up grabbing onto something nearby to help myself up, which really helps the process.  If there is nothing nearby however, I end up looking absolutely ridiculous trying to get up. 

Getting up from a laying position.  I feel like this has something to do with my ab muscles.  It seems as if they have gone MIA at this point and I have no strength whatsoever to sit up.  I usually have to get some momentum going to get out of bed or off the couch.  It’s so bizarre to not be able to do things you are accustomed to doing with ease!

Swelling.  I had a feeling this would happen.  Everyone talks about it.  But it’s SO uncomfortable! I guess I’ve never really had much experience with swelling before, because I didn’t know it would be so awful.  It hit my hands first.  They start feeling tight, then they turn all red if I am trying to hold onto anything (fishing triggers it almost instantly.) My feet just started swelling, and it’s worse than my hands!  I try to bend my toes and it feels like I have toe socks on or something.  The other day I was trying to sit Indian style and I couldn’t even get my legs to do that.  Apparently my entire legs were retaining water that day.

Hot flashes.  I had zero experience with hot flashes prior to pregnancy.  I’m that person that is cuddled under a blanket in the middle of a Texas summer.  I’ve always been cold.  It could be 78 in my house and I’d have a chill.  Add some pregnancy hormones however, and now I’m a freaking oven 24/7! Even sitting still I am hot!  If you factor in any sort of movement (cleaning, standing, getting ready in the morning, etc.) then you can bet that I am now sweating up a storm.  I feel bad for all the times I got mad at my mom for freezing me out of the house when I was younger.  Sorry, Mom! Now I get it!

Painting your toenails.  I always considered myself a flexible person, but factor in swollen legs AND a huge belly, and it’s REALLY hard to reach your toes.  I barely managed to paint my toes this weekend (at 34 weeks) so I’m thinking that may have been my last DIY pedicure.

Walking.  Yep, just walking is hard on me now.  First of all, I have to walk at a snail’s pace or I’m panting.  Second, I get stabbing pains in the side of my stomach (I’m assuming this is round ligament pain.) When this happens I usually have to slow down even more or completely stop for a few seconds until it passes.   I always hear about women who work out religiously through the entire pregnancy and it blows my mind because I can barely walk up the street with stabbing pain!

Pressure on your bladder. Once again, I knew that this was part of being pregnant, but experiencing takes it to another level.  When I stand up, I immediately have to go the bathroom.  Immediately.  There is no in between time, I have to get there fast or it is EXTREMELY uncomfortable.  Sitting down I can hold it for a while and get work done, but if I stand up it is all over.   Then there are the swift kicks and pokes to your bladder when you least expect it.  You better hope you are close to a restroom when that happens!

Eye twitching.  This one hasn’t been difficult, but it’s been very annoying! My right eyelid has been twitching for months now.  I’m assuming it is pregnancy related and hoping it goes away as soon as I give birth.  It’s pretty distracting when I’m talking to someone, reading, driving, etc.

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  1. OMG I had no idea! I am so glad you have a sense of humor about it all. We both know how much prego women on facebook complain but you honestly give a refreshing perspective. I know that even though you may have minor annoyances, that you are super excited about the end result.


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