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Monday, January 26, 2015

Grant - 8 Months!

Age: 8 months

  not too sure... I need to weigh him. I would guess 20 lbs!

Eye Color:
They are looking pretty brown now - something I can claim he got from me!

PJs: 6/9 months, Onesies:  6M and 9M. Pants: 9M

Size 3
  *He slept through the night for the first time on 1/12/15
(He has been pretty consistent about sleeping through the night since then. If he does wake up, he will whine for 1-2 minutes and then roll over and go back to sleep on his own.  He no longer gets any bottles during the night.)
*Started cutting his first teeth (bottom two) on 1/11/15
(They are both through the gums now on 1/26/15, but still have a ways to push up!)
*He has started to kind of move around. He scoots backwards and is leaning forward and to the side a lot when he's sitting.  I can tell he is trying to figure out how to move forward, but hasn't quite got it worked out yet.

Best Moment(s) This Month:  Grant has been so AWARE this month.  He wants you to hold him more. He likes to play with the freckles on my arm and lay his head on my shoulder. He also got rid of all of his night feeds and is sleeping so much better at night now.
He's started giving "hugs".  When you are holding him, he will lean on you for a second like he's giving you a hug and then sit back up. It is the sweetest thing. I love my "hugs" from Grant.

Loves: *to eat!
*Stand up and play
*Chew on everything!

Favorite Toys:

VTech Busy Learners Activity Cube

VTech Busy Learners Activity Cube

LeapFrog Animal Adventure Learning Table

*getting his face cleaned after eating baby food
*the texture of solid food in his mouth
*getting his snot sucked out/wiping off his nose

Food:   STILL pumping and giving him breastmilk. I'm really hoping that since I've made it this far that I can make it to my goal of 1 year.  I haven't had to dig into my frozen stash yet (I have about 2,500oz I think, our entire deep freeze is full!) so if I can pump until 10-11 months, my frozen stash should cover the rest.
We are giving him solids 2-3 times a day. He eats around 8-12oz of baby food each day now.  He's finally opened up to oatmeal cereal, so I'm trying to include that once a day as well.

Looking Forward To: Crawling!

 *all bundled up for a walk*