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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Grant - 9 Months! (Video overload)

First Valentine's Day

 Age: 9 months

  21 lbs

Eye Color:

PJs: 9/12M, Onesies:  9M and 12M. Pants: 9M/12M

Size 4
  *First Haircut on 2/7/15 - he wasn't a huge fan of the clippers. I think the vibrations tickled his head!

*We officially have a crawler! He started crawling forward on 2/21/15.  He was motivated by none other than a bottle full of milk - lol - He's still working on perfecting it and he has to be REALLY motivated to go after something at this point, but he CAN do it if he really wants to now.

*Not a good milestone, but he had his first ear infection this month.  He was a champ though and kept sleeping through the night!

Best Moment(s) This Month:  Watching Grant try and move all over the place. He also seems to smile and laugh more often now.  He's always been a very serious baby and we have to work for a laugh from him!

Loves: *to eat!
*Stand up and play
*Chew on everything!

Favorite Toys: 
LeapFrog My Pal Scout
Garanimals Froggie Teether Beads
*getting his face cleaned after eating baby food
*the texture of solid food in his mouth
*getting his snot sucked out/wiping off his nose
*Peas (the first food he's refused to eat)

Food:   STILL pumping and giving him breastmilk. We are giving him solids 2-3 times a day. He eats around 8-12oz of baby food each day now.  He's finally opened up to oatmeal cereal, so I'm trying to include that once a day as well. He's moved up to some level 3 baby food and will sometimes eat (suck on) toast.

Looking Forward To: Celebrating my birthday next month with my handsome men :)

Tiger loves Grant!
Fresh out of the bath!

I had to add this hilarious video of Grant falling asleep! Poor thing was exhausted!

Here's Grant's 9 month video: