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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Grant - 17 months

Age: 17 months

New Stuff: He's showing so much more personality lately.  He's always been "stoic" and reserved with his emotions, but lately he has come out of his shell a little bit.  He dances, sings, and laughs around the house.  He still freezes up around strangers though.  I definitely don't have a social butterfly on my hands.  When strangers try to talk to him in the grocery store, all they get is the blank stare he's perfected.  Occasionally he will throw a wave to a stranger, but he never does it on command.  He only waves on his terms apparently!

He can point out his eyes and his nose and clap on command.

He loves, loves, loves to read and is always bringing me books.  He likes to point out things in the book and then look at me for an explanation.  He also loves to point out every bird he sees for some reason.  The kid loves birds.

Words: He still isn't talking much.  We went for a hearing test and found out that he hears just fine.  At this point we are just assuming he's a late bloomer when it comes to talking, but we will see where he is at his next wellness appointment.  He does say Dada, Mama, This, Uh Oh, Bubble.

He's able to understand what we are saying now and follow commands.  He knows what it means to eat dinner, go night night, take a bath, go to school, and his absolute favorite, "Let's go ride!"  He is obsessed with riding the 4-wheeler.  We try ride in the evenings before bed and he looks forward to it.  He even knows what button to push to start it and he can do it all by himself.

We took him to the East Texas State Fair and he was not impressed with the Merry Go Round. However, he LOVED funnel cake. See that look on the Merry Go Round?  That's what he gives strangers in the store.  They try and try and he refuses to deviate from that serious face.  I always try to explain that it's not them personally, it's how he is with ALL strangers!

Other Stuff: He's really into toys now and it is SO much fun to buy him fun stuff.  We have probably already gone overboard with buying stuff, but we get so much enjoyment out of his enjoyment.  My latest splurge was his own little "quad" 4-wheeler that has a track.  He can't steer yet, so he can just ride it around in a circle in his playroom.  So fun!

We've had quite a few bouts with sickness lately, which have been anything but fun.  He had an eye/ear infection combo, and on the final day of antibiotics, he either caught a stomach virus or got food poisoning.  Either way, it was bad.  In the car.  And all night long.  So we've been initiated into the puke club of parenthood.

Luckily he seems to be over it all now, so here's to hoping for a few weeks of wellness!