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Monday, April 4, 2016

Grant - 22 Months

Age: 22 Months! I thought about just waiting until he turned 2, but decided about doing a quick post about 22 months.  We are so close to turning 2! I can't believe how big he is. He really looks like a tiny man. :)
New Stuff: Grant is all about new tricks these days.  He started crossing his fingers out of nowhere.  He thinks it is the coolest trick ever. So adorable! Also, when I ask him if he pooped, he backs up to me so I can look in his diaper. I'm guessing that came from daycare, because I did not teach him that! It makes me laugh every time though.
Words: Grant has been slow to talk, but his words seem to be exploding now. He is constantly pointing at objects and saying what it is.  He will actually say it over and over until I confirm that he said it right - haha! His favorite things to point out: Tree, Puppy, Flag, Light, Moon, Truck, Ball. 
Other: He is really into TV.  I try to limit the TV time to when I really need to get things done, such as in the morning when I'm getting dressed for work or in the evening when I'm making dinner.  He is starting to branch out and watch shows other than Daniel Tiger. I try and save Daniel Tiger for the times he's really fussy or sick.  However, most of the time he will only watch a new show for about 3 minutes before he is bringing me the remote saying, "Tiger" over and over. I'm so thankful that the show he loves isn't annoying.  I have to admit that I really enjoy the Nighttime in the Neighborhood episode.  :)
We have the venue booked for his birthday party.  We are having it 2 weeks before his actual birthday due to scheduling issues.  I really need to kick my planning into high gear and start ordering invites and the cake. It seems so far away, but it's only a month out!