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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Grant - 10 Months

Waiting to get called back at the Dr.

Enjoying a day at the park
Age: 10 months

  21 lbs

Eye Color:
Looking hazel or green now.

PJs: 9/12M, Onesies:  9M and 12M. Pants: 9M & 12M

Size 4
  *Started pulling up on 3/3/15
*Cruising furniture! 3/18/15
*Got another bottom tooth (Lateral Incisor) on 3/15/15!
So he has 3 teeth total now, all on the bottom.
*He's crawling like a champ and wants to be standing all day. He pulls up on everything.
*First Snow (included on video)
*Says Mama, Dada (doesn't know what they mean, but he babbles them over and over)

Best Moment(s) This Month:  He's smiling a lot more and it's easier to make him laugh.  He's still very reserved around strangers, but at home he's such a happy boy!

Loves: *to pull up on everything
*to chew on everything
*to listen to me sing
*taking naps with mom on the weekends

Favorite Toys:

*getting his face cleaned after eating baby food
*the texture of solid food in his mouth
*getting his snot sucked out/wiping off his nose

Food:  Getting about 30oz of BM a day and 2-4 containers of baby food.  He went through a spell where he refused to eat anything but fruit for about a week, but now he's back to eating like a champ.  He has started to show interest in actual SOLID food now. He has eaten pancakes, spaghetti, peaches, graham crackers, and yogurt melts. He LOVED spaghetti and really likes the yogurt melts!

Looking Forward To: Walking!

Grant and his Daddy :)

Looking handsome at church