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Monday, June 1, 2015

Stitch Fix - My First Fix! (Fix #1) June 2015

Stitch Fix is a monthly styling subscription service. When you sign up you fill out a surprisingly in-depth Style Profile about your sizes, your style, and pricing preferences, and then your personal stylist sends you 5 items to try once a month. This can include or exclude accessories as well (although I opted out of this option).  The fee for this service is $20, and that includes FREE shipping and FREE returns. If you decide to keep any of the items they send you, you get to deduct the $20 fee from the total. (If you decide to keep all five items in your "fix", you also get a 25% discount!) 

Once your Fix is delivered, you get to try them all on and decide if you want to keep any of the items or send them back in the prepaid return envelope.  Whatever you keep, you pay for.  If you don't like anything, you send it all back and you are just out the $20 styling fee.

My friends have been trying to talk me into Stitch Fix for months and I just wouldn't take the leap.  After losing all of my pregnancy weight, and having no new clothes and ZERO time to go shopping now that I'm busy with a 1 year old, I finally decided that I deserved this little package of happiness to be delivered to my door.

I am by no means a model, so please judge the clothes, not me!  My husband was going to take nice pictures for me, but got called out of town for work. So mirror selfies had to do :) 

Here we go...

Stitch Fix - Fix #1

First impressions: I love the colors and lace! It definitely seems to match my style.  I'm feeling positive!

1.  Skies Are Blue Wella Sweater Knit Tank - $54

Thoughts: I loved the color, but immediately HATED the material.  It is thick and sweatery, but almost see through at the same time.  I live in Texas.  It is about to reach 100 degree weather, I won't be wearing any thick knits for a while and when I do they won't be sleeveless.
Verdict: SENT BACK

2. May Pink Gander Lace Back Cardigan - $48

Thoughts: I really, really, really wanted to love this cardigan.  I love the colors, the stripes, the lace detail on the back is gorgeous and the material felt wonderful.  However, I felt like a bat.  I just can't wear this style.  I felt like it hung weird when my arms were down and it just didn't sit well.  If this had been a regular long sleeve cardigan I would have fallen in love immediately.
Verdict: SENT BACK
 3. Ezra Coaling Knit Top - $48

Thoughts: I liked the look of this shirt in the box, but when I tried it on it didn't do anything for my body.  The material felt stiff and almost itchy too. This one wasn't a winner for me.
Verdict: SENT BACK
4. Fun2Fun Darlene V-Neck Top - $38

Thoughts: I loved it in the box.  The print was great.  The color was great.  When I put it on... It felt AMAZING on! I felt so comfortable in this shirt and it was just so soft!  It could have been a little tighter on me, but my weight tends to fluctuate so I don't mind that it's a little loose right now.
Verdict: KEPT!
5. Brixon Ivy Romford Stretch Lace Knit Top - $64

Thoughts: My first thought was, "man that is a LOT of lace," and after trying it on, I still thought that.  There was a spaghetti strap cami that was attached and it did not fit me right at all. There was also a big strand of lace that was already hanging from the sleeve as soon as I took it out of the box. I made sure to include it in the picture.  Even if I had loved the shirt, I wouldn't pay $64 for clothing that is already frayed.
Verdict: SENT BACK
Overall I am pleased with Fix #1! I think my stylist (Rebecca) did a pretty good job of pulling pieces for me for the first go around.  The only obvious miss for me was the Sweater Tank.  Just the name itself sounds like such a contradiction that I really don't understand it, but I do live in Texas where it gets humid and hot during the summer.  I'm very happy that I actually fell in love with a piece on my first fix and I look forward to seeing what I get next month.

If you decide you want to give Stitch Fix a try yourself, please sign up via my link! Keep in mind that your fix will be totally tailored to your style and my fix doesn't reflect what you would receive at all.

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