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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Stitch Fix - Fix #2 June/July 2015

Stitch Fix is a monthly styling subscription service. When you sign up you fill out a surprisingly in-depth Style Profile about your sizes, your style, and pricing preferences, and then your personal stylist sends you 5 items to try once a month. This can include or exclude accessories as well (although I opted out of this option).  The fee for this service is $20, and that includes FREE shipping and FREE returns. If you decide to keep any of the items they send you, you get to deduct the $20 fee from the total. (If you decide to keep all five items in your "fix", you also get a 25% discount!) 

Once your Fix is delivered, you get to try them all on and decide if you want to keep any of the items or send them back in the prepaid return envelope.  Whatever you keep, you pay for.  If you don't like anything, you send it all back and you are just out the $20 styling fee.

My friends have been trying to talk me into Stitch Fix for months and I just wouldn't take the leap.  After losing all of my pregnancy weight, and having no new clothes and ZERO time to go shopping now that I'm busy with a 1 year old, I finally decided that I deserved this little package of happiness to be delivered to my door.

Stitch Fix - Fix #2

Loveappella Shenley Mesh Detail Knit Tank - $48

Thoughts: The color was beautiful and I loved the "mesh" detail.  However, the material wasn't forgiving on my mommy belly, and showed every bulge!

Verdict: Sent back

Papermoon Burns Crochet Detail Knit Tank - $38

Thoughts: Oh my goodness, I love the crochet detail on this tank!  Wasn't a fan on how it fit me in the front though.  These style of tanks always fall weird on my chest, and I just wasn't feeling it.

Verdict: Sent back.

Kut From The Kloth Kate Distressed Boyfriend Jean - $78

Thoughts:  My friend, Megan, has raved about the jeans Stitch Fix sends her, so I knew chances were good that I was going to love these.  And I did.  How are they able to send you perfect jeans?? I've been buying from the Buckle since high school because that is the only place that I can find jeans that fit me correctly.  Yet, Stitch Fix nails it on the first try! The price is on target with what I usually spend on my jeans, but I'm still debating.  Gotta talk it over with the husband.

Verdict:  Regretfully sent back :(

Pixley Rachel Maxi Dress - $78

Thoughts: I specifically asked for a maxi dress and my stylist delivered TWO for me! This one, just missed the mark for me though.  I didn't like where the waist hit me, and it made me look wider than I am.  I like to accentuate my waist, and this didn't do that.  The color was also off for me.  It was pink and purple, and I just wasn't a fan.  Oh, and I'm pretty over chevron at this point.  Can we please move on to another print now?

Verdict:  Sent back.

Market & Spruce Rami Maxi Dress - $78

Thoughts:  Another maxi! Yay! I'm tall, so in my requests I asked for extra long maxis if they had any.  This dress was actually long enough for me! I love navy and I loved everything about this dress.  I feel like it does great things for my figure and the neckline works for church, work, beach, anything!

Verdict:  KEPT!

VERY pleased with Fix #2! I fell in love with two pieces in this fix and am trying really hard to talk myself out of buying both because of the price.  I feel like this fix was dead on with my style and I am going to request to keep this stylist since she really nailed my style.

If you decide you want to give Stitch Fix a try yourself, please sign up via my link! Keep in mind that your fix will be totally tailored to your style and my fix doesn't reflect what you would receive at all.

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