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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Grant - 1 year, 1 month

Is it weird/annoying to keep doing Grant updates?

He is growing and changing so much, that I want to keep them going! I think I will change up the format since he's officially a TODDLER now :)

Age: 1 year, 1 month

New Stuff:  Man, he's changed so much since his birthday.  He walks 100% of the time now.  No more crawling unless he's trying to go under something (the coffee table, legs, cat door, etc.).  He starting to pick up speed when he walks and he thinks it's hilarious to "run" away from you.  It's funny to me that he actually thinks he stands a chance of getting away lol.

He moved up to a new daycare class and I think he really enjoys the older kids.  They have toys more suited to his age now and when I drop him off he heads straight for the balls.  That kid LOVES balls! It's crazy.

He waves and claps and he thinks it's funny to drop his cup and food when he's sitting in the highchair.  I'm constantly retrieving his cup.

We've started "crafts" in his new daycare class too.  What do you do with these things? I was all sentimental at first, but already at 3 crafts in, I'm thinking "what do I do with all of this??"  I feel awful trashing it, but I know it's not logical to keep everything.

Summer is officially here with the heat index staying over 100 and very high humidity.  It is H.O.T. in East Texas people.  I  walked outside with a Kit Kat and it melted in like less than a minute.  No lie.  It's that hot.  So fishing and walking are out for now, but we bought a splash pad and baby pool and have been using that some.  Grant is a fan for a bit, but once it hits his face he's done.  Cold water in his face is a deal breaker apparently.

He has 8 teeth now.  4 on top and 4 on bottom.  Poor thing looks like he got my dental genes.  His teeth are so spaced apart! I know they are just baby teeth, but I think braces will be in this kid's future.  I had them twice, so he probably didn't stand a chance.

Oh and fit throwing has officially begun.  You take something away and he completely loses it.  You give it back, it totally stops like it never happened.  Nope not gonna be played little man.  I'm on to you.

We are down to just one bottle a day.  He drinks whole milk and water from his sippy cup during the day and before bed he gets a bottle with breastmilk.  He refuses to drink BM from anything other than a bottle.  I want to use up all of my frozen BM (which will take forever since we just do 4-5 oz a day now...) and I know that it is still so good for him! He finds comfort in a bottle before bed, and honestly it makes bedtime super easy, so I'm fine with it for now.  We will completely wean from the bottle eventually, but for now it's what works for us.

Words:  Not really talking yet.  He will say Mama and Dada and Bye Bye, but doesn't seem to relate it to to anything yet.  Still just babbling. 

I'm just going to take a little break and lay here in the middle of the floor.

I may not do these monthly anymore, but do an update here and there when he starts doing new things.  I really like to have a record of it to look back on.

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