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Monday, May 5, 2014

36 Weeks - Swollen, Acid Reflux :(

How far along: 36 weeks

Total weight gain: About 40 lbs.  :(

Maternity Clothes: Yep all maternity. Starting to grow out of the maternity clothes I have now, but I refuse to buy anything else at this point.

Stretch Marks: None on my tummy.

Sleep: Tossing and turning. I'm having a hard time breathing when I lay down too.

Best moment this week: Had a date night with the husband and went to see Wayne Brady's improv show.  So much fun!

Worst symptom(s) this week: Hot flashes, swelling, acid reflux, exhaustion, nausea...

Movement: He feels gigantic in there.  He's been kicking my ribs and pushing out hard on the sides of my belly now.  It's very uncomfortable! 

Food cravings:  Nothing much right now. 

Anything making you queasy:  Being really full and getting hot.

Have you started to show yet:  Yep. I'm huge.

Gender prediction:  It's a BOY! Grant James Martinez

Labor signs:  Nothing really at this point.  Had some backache and some cramps, but nothing that is regular or can even be timed.  It is more of just an uncomfortable feeling that comes and goes.

Belly Button:   It's almost flat at this point.  Still hoping I can avoid it popping out!

Wedding Rings:  Gave up on them :(

Happy or Moody:  Moody.

Milestones: Washed and sanitized all of the bottles and nipples and put them in the cabinet. Bought the baby monitor and the seat protector to go under the car seat.  I'm hoping to get it installed in the next week or so just in case I go into labor early.

Looking forward to: My doctor's appointment this week. He will check for dilation and I'm anxious to see if my body has started prepping for labor or not.  It doesn't feel like he's dropped yet though, so I don't anticipate that I'm dilated or effaced at this point.  

I'm finally to the point where I'm over being pregnant.  I am ready to lose this extra weight and water that I'm retaining.  I've grown out of most of my clothes at this point.  I'm not sure what Grant's doing in there sometimes, but it feels like he's punching me in the stomach and it hurts! I have constant backache and my feet and hands seem to stay swollen now.  I've also developed acid reflux and have had to give up my daily glass of orange juice :(  I really miss drinking orange juice, but I have reflux ALL DAY if I have even one small glass!  

I really don't feel that he will be super early either, so I foresee at least another 3-4 weeks of pregnancy for me.  I'm really, really hoping he comes the last week of May though!  I think I will go insane if I go past my due date!

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