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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Our Sleep Sense Journey - Nights 8 - 14

The finale to our "Sleep Sense" journey.

Night 8 (10/21/14):

6:00 pm - had a bottle and put him in the crib at 6:15, he was asleep by 6:30.

10:23 - woke up, went back to sleep at 10:30

10:45 - woke up, went back to sleep at 11:05

12:35 - woke up and ate, back to sleep by  1:00

4:12 - woke up and ate, back to sleep by 4:45.

5:45 - up for the day.

Night 9 (10/22/14):

7:30 - had a bottle and was very fussy when put in his crib. He fell asleep in his crib by 8.

12:30 - woke up to eat and back to sleep.

3:40 - woke up to eat and back to sleep.

7:15 - had to go WAKE him up so we could get ready for day care!

Thoughts: Wow, What a good night! His daddy came home and took over this night shift, so I'm wondering if that contributed to his stellar sleep.  I am blown away that he slept in so late this morning.  He started waking up at 6, but kept soothing himself back to sleep.  He actually fell back into a deep sleep by 6:45. When I went in his room, I turned on the lights to try and get him to wake up on his own and he was still sacked out. I ended up having to undo his swaddle blanket to wake him up.

Night 10 - 14:
He has been pretty consistent with waking up twice a night just to eat.  Sometimes he wakes up once more around 5:30 and I can pat him back to sleep and he will sleep another hour. 

Not sure what I can do to help him sleep through the night at this point because he still REALLY wants to eat twice each night.  I'm happy he's not waking up 5-6 times and that he's able to fall asleep on his own at night without any help from me.  I'm sure he will give up his night feedings when he's ready and it's not too bad getting up just twice.  He usually goes right back to sleep after he eats, so I'm only up 30 minutes max.

For teaching him to self soothe, trying to cut back on night feedings, AND weaning him from the swaddle, I'd say the past 2 weeks were a success!

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