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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Grant - 4 Months!

Our big boy is 4 months old! He's drooling like crazy all of the time and soaking bibs and onesies all day.  We thought it might be early teething, but after talking to friends and reading online, drooling at 3/4 months is apparently just a normal occurrence.

He loves to stick out his tongue when he's smiling at us. So many of my 4 month pictures have his tongue sticking out! Of course I am always sticking out my tongue at him trying to get him to laugh so he could just be mimicking me too :)

He still HATES being on his tummy, even though he can push up on his arms now.  You can tell in the 4 month picture collage that he is just on the verge of being very angry at his mom for putting him on his tummy lol.

Age: 4 months

   15 lbs 9 oz

Eye Color:
Dark Grey/Brown

PJs: 6/9 months, Onesies: Can still squeeze into 3M, but 6M are roomier.

  Size 2

  *Can follow an object with his eyes
*Lifts head while on his stomach
*On 9/21/14 he rolled over for the first time (front to back)! It was so funny watching his face after he flipped over.  He didn't know what just happened!
 *Purposely grabs toys and puts them in his mouth
*Bears his weight on his legs (he loves to stand up!)
*Turns at the sound of my voice and looks for me in a room
*Started daycare on 9/29/14

Best Moment(s) This Month: He spent his first night away from us and did great! He actually stayed with my parents for 5 days while we went to Cancun for our anniversary.  My mom said he slept great at night and had lots of smiles for everyone :)

It was so amazing watching him roll over for the first time.  I had no idea how proud I would feel!

Loves: *When you stroke his face
*Standing up (with help of course!)
*Chewing on his hands
*Pat-a-Cake song (he loves when you clap his hands together!)
*Taylor Swift's song, Shake it Off - he smiles and smiles when I sing it to him

Hates: *Tummy time (still not a fan, even though he can push himself up now)
*Being left to play by himself for too long (he lets you know when he's ready for you to play with him!)

Food:  He is still getting 100% breast milk. 

Looking Forward To: Hearing his first laugh.  Thought it was close, but we are still waiting! Can't wait to introduce him to solid foods too :)

His face looks like he is laughing, but no sounds come out! He just smiles really big :)

Sweet boy started daycare this week and he did great! He was all smiles when I picked him up and actually wasn't exhausted or grumpy when we got home.  I'm hoping day 2 of daycare goes just as smoothly.

Nighttime sleep hasn't been going so well.  We were waking up 1-2 times a night and then he hit 3 months and it's been 3+ times a night.  Sometimes he isn't hungry, but just wants me to pick him up and then he immediately falls back asleep.  It's exhausting though.  I'm hoping he goes back to 2 night feeds soon so we can all get a little more rest.

Nothing more peaceful than a sleeping baby.  Even in his sleep he looks like my husband!

And of course I had to throw in a video to show how much he's grown!

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