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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Our Sleep Sense Journey - Nights 2 - 7

Night 2 (10/15/14):

6:30p - Last bottle

6:45p - Laid down and put pacifier in his mouth and he fell asleep almost immediately. I'm not sure if this is good or bad... He was very tired tonight though.

1:15a - He woke up and wasn't soothing himself after crying for about 15 minutes so I decided to give him a bottle.

1:40a - put him down awake after finishing a bottle, he talked to himself until 2:00a then started fussing a little. At 2:07 I decided to go comfort him and by the time I got to his door it was silent and he had soothed himself to sleep at 2:07a.

4:15a - woke up and fussed.  Tried to calm him down, but I'm pretty sure he was hungry. Decided to feed him again at 4:30.  Laid him down at 4:40 and he was asleep by 5:00a.

6:00a - up for the day! (Wish he'd move his wake up time to 7a!)

Thoughts on Night 2: On the plus side, he only woke up TWICE! On the negative side, he ate twice and I am trying to get him to only one night feed if at all possible.  He also took longer to soothe himself to sleep after waking up in the middle of the night.  I do want to point out that at no point during this process has he been upset and screaming.  I refuse to let him scream alone in his crib and I will break protocol and pick him up and comfort him if he is that upset.  So far he has only fussed a little and given me his tired cry before falling asleep on his own.

Night 3 (10/16/14):

6:30 - Last bottle

6:40 - put Grant in the crib and he fussed a little bit.  I went to wash bottles and planned on going back in afterwards to comfort him, but he fell asleep all by himself by 6:45.  He didn't even have his pacifier in so I was pretty surprised!

12:15a - woke up and fussed, I went in and comforted (without picking up) and he fell asleep at 12:30.  However... he woke up 4 minutes later and by 12:45 I decided to go ahead and feed him. I put him back in the crib at 12:53 and he was asleep by 12:57. (guess he was just hungry!)

4:30a - woke up and talked to himself for a while, I put his pacifier in and he went back to sleep by 4:45... only to be woken up at 4:50 by his one free arm. He falls asleep with it on his face and then when it starts to fall back on the bed it wakes him up.  I ended up feeding him at 5:15 after giving him a little while to try and soothe himself back to sleep.  Put him back in the crib and he was asleep on his own by 5:30 with no comforting by me at all.

6:30a - up for the day! He woke up in a great mood and didn't even cry.  Was just moving around and looking around the room.

Thoughts on Night 3: Only had 2 actual wake ups which is consistent with the night before. I wish he would have been able to stay asleep a few of the times that he woke up just 5 minutes after falling asleep, but I think that's part of getting used to being unswaddled.  I also know that I took on a big challenge by taking on unswaddling, sleep training, AND night weaning all at the same time.  So all in all I think he's doing great! I only fed him 3oz at 5am and I think I am going to start decreasing that feed until he drops it all together.  I think that would eliminate the waking up at 4:30a and then we would only have one wake up! I have been consistently blown away by how well Grant has done putting himself to sleep, especially right at bedtime.  It takes him almost no time at all!

Night 4 (10/17/14):
7:20pm - bottle and then put in bed at 7:27.  He was asleep by 7:31.

12:31a - woke up fussing, I gave him his pacifier and he went back to sleep by 12:40.

3:00a - woke up and I fed him and put him back in the crib. He was asleep by 3:15.

4:50a - woke up and talked to himself for a while.  I gave him his pacifier, but ended up caving and rocking him back to sleep at 5:30 so that I could go back to sleep before getting up for work.  He went to sleep at 5:32.

6:15 - up for the day!

 Thoughts on Night 4: Not the best night... I shouldn't have caved and picked him up, but I was so tired! He did only eat once which was great!

Night 5 (10/18/14):
Sadly I came down with a nasty stomach virus this night and my mom had to come take care of Grant for me.  I didn't have the heart to make her sit and listen to him and cry and I was so ill that I just wanted to know he was being taken care of. I figured it would be confusing to him anyway that someone other than me was feeding him all of a sudden at night, so I just wanted him to be comforted.  He woke up 4-5 times this night.

Night 6 (10/19/14):
I was still sick so my mom took the night shift again. He did slightly better and woke up only 3 times. An improvement, but not great.

Night 7 (10/20/14):
Mom was back in charge!
6:15 - bottle, put in bed at 6:20 and he was asleep at 6:37 with no fussing.

9:20 -woke up and had a really hard time going back to sleep.  I burped him and then put him back in the crib.  He has a lot of drainage right now and I think it's making him uncomfortable at night.  He finally fell asleep at 10.

12:35 - woke up and ate and was asleep by 12:46.

3:20 - woke up and ate and was asleep by 3:40.

5:30 - for some reason he woke up 30 minutes earlier than usual and was wide awake and talking in his crib.  I waited about 10 minutes before I went in his room to get him hoping he'd fall back asleep,  but he was ready to get up.

 Thoughts on Night 7:  He started waking up at 9pm all of a sudden when I got sick.  I'm hoping once we get back into the routine of things that he will drop this wake up again.

So that was our first week.  Sadly it was derailed by me getting very sick for 2 days, but now we are back on track and I'm hoping week 2 continues to show improvement! He is still falling asleep by himself like a champ, so I don't think those 2 days messed us up too much.

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