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Monday, December 29, 2014

Grant - 7 Months

*First School Picture*

Grant has his first "school picture" at daycare.  He smiled like a champ! I love, love, love his smile.

 *those cheeks! I love them!*

Age: 7 months

   18 lbs!

Eye Color:
Some days they look brown, other days they look hazel.

PJs: 6/9 months, Onesies:  6M and 9M. Pants: 9M

Size 3
  *Very good at holding toys now
*Doesn't fall over when sitting anymore
*Rolls onto side all of the time and can roll from tummy to back
*Can stand holding on to something
*grabbed a puff and put it in his mouth last night, hated the texture, but it's progress!

Best Moment(s) This Month:  I enjoyed having some time off from work to celebrate his first Christmas.  He loved all of the excitement and has enjoyed his new toys so far.

Loves: *The Jumperoo
*Chewing on his hands
*Playing Peek-a-Boo
*Standing up and bouncing
*Bath time (he sits like a big boy in the bathtub now!)

Hates: *Tummy time
*Being left to play by himself for too long

Food:   STILL pumping and giving him breastmilk.  We are giving him solids 2-3 times a day now.  Since he hated cereal, his ped said I could start feeding him the baby food meat meals.  So he's moved up to level 2 baby food and has tried chicken, turkey, and tons of yummy fruits and veggies! He def loves fruit the most, but he would just keep eating it all if you let him.  I always have to end the feeding session because he's eaten so much or he finishes the container!

Looking Forward To: Mobility, he has shown zero interest in moving from one place to another so far, but I am looking forward to when he does!

*First Ornament he made at school*

I cannot believe my sweet boy is 7 months.  Each month I know I say the same thing, but it really feels like time is FLYING! I know his first birthday is going to be here before I know it.  I'm trying so hard to soak up all of these moments and remember what it feels like to rock him to sleep and hold him when he's sick. He's been battling his first cold for weeks now, so there have been quite a few cuddles happening :)

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