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Monday, February 24, 2014

26 Weeks! - Mexico, Nursery, and lots of Kicks!

How far along: 26 weeks, 0 days

Total weight gain: About 20 lbs. - I haven't weighed in a while... I'm not really looking forward to facing the truth lol

Maternity Clothes: Yep.  I've kicked my maternity shopping into high gear at this point.  

Stretch Marks: Not yet, my tummy is starting to get itchy though!

Sleep:  It's been rough the past couple of weeks.  My allergies have flared up and I've been coughing all night long.  Coughing, plus congestion, plus hip pain and multiple bathroom trips have kept me from getting a good night's sleep.

Best moment this week:  Feeling him move! He's been so active! 

Worst symptom this week: Swollen feet, hot flashes.

Movement: Yes!  He's been moving/kicking up a storm now.  Every now and then he kicks me really hard and it catches me off guard.  I love staring at my belly and watching it twitch when he kicks.

Food cravings:  Mexican! We had to make a trip to Brownsville and Mexico last week for a funeral and I was able to satisfy my craving for some real Mexican food.  It was so amazing :) Also, I've been eating blueberry waffles EVERY morning for probably the past 4 weeks with a glass of orange juice. I realized I ran out of waffles one morning and was devastated lol! I've been going through waffles, syrup, and hot sauce like crazy during this pregnancy.

Anything making you queasy: Still getting sick a couple of times a week.  I can't pinpoint any triggers though.

Have you started to show yet:  Yes! My cats all seem to know something is different and love to lay on or near my belly.  Here's a cute shot of my sweet boy Oliver and my bump!

Gender prediction:  It's a boy! Confirmed at 15, 20, and 24 weeks!

Labor signs:  Too soon!

Belly Button:  In, but getting shallower.

Wedding Rings:  On, but I had a couple of mornings where my fingers were swollen.

Happy or Moody:  Happy

Milestones: Painted the navy accent wall! It turned out exactly how I pictured.

Oh, and I also PASSED my glucose test! This is HUGE for me because my mom had GD with all 3 of her pregnancies and both of my sisters had it with their pregnancies.

Looking forward to:  Getting the rest of the furniture in for the nursery and buying all of the accent pieces.  I'm in full nesting mode if you hadn't noticed :)


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    1. It is Sherwin Williams Naval (SW 6244). It's part of the Pottery Barn collection so it matched our bedding perfectly!


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