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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

10 Weeks

Thought it might be fun to document my pregnancy periodically. Here's a snapshot of where I am currently:

How far along? 10 weeks, 2 days

Total weight gain/loss: About 4 lbs already, but it keeps fluctuating.

Maternity clothes? Not yet, but I had to pull out my "fat pants" that are baggy in the legs lol

Stretch marks? Not yet

Sleep:  I am so exhausted that I've been going to sleep before 9pm some nights.  However, I typically wake up 2-3 times to go to the bathroom! 

Best moment this week: Seeing my sweet baby moving around on the 10 week ultrasound! He/she was measuring 11 weeks though. 

Have you told family and friends: Yes, we have already publicly announced. 

Movement: Too early to feel, but there was lots of movement on the ultrasound! 

Food cravings: Mexican, Mexican, Mexican! Taco Bell & Taco Bueno in particular :) 

Anything making you queasy or sick: Getting hot (standing next to a pot of water boiling), an empty stomach, loading the dishwasher with dirty dishes...

Have you started to show yet: Got a pooch, but think it's all bloat at this point.

Gender prediction: David and I both feel like it's a boy.

Labor Signs: Wayy too early for that!

Belly Button in or out? In 

Wedding rings on or off? On

Happy or Moody most of the time: Moody

Weekly Wisdom: Buy a Fetal Doppler! I bought the Sonoline B Fetal Doppler and absolutely LOVE it! I found the baby's heartbeat the first night I received it and I was 9 weeks, 0 days.  Takes a little while to find it when the baby is that small, but it's so amazing to hear that your little one's heart is still beating away in there!

Milestones: So close to the 2nd trimester!

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  1. Just logged into blogger to start blogging again and I found your baby updates! Amazing! You are so talented and it's so exciting to see your journey to becoming a mother. You and David are awesome!


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