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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Leah - 10 Months

Eye Color: Hazel

Diapers:  4

  2/2/18: Started pulling up on furniture
Cruising, standing without holding onto anything, babbling

Best Moment(s) This Month: Leah is SO incredibly happy.  She just exudes joy from her face and smiles at everyone.  She is constantly pulling up and free standing. All day she is up/down/up/down so I just know she will be walking by her 1st birthday.

Bottles, baby food, graham crackers, waffles, puffs
When we talk/play with her
Grant :)

Favorite Toys: She wants everything that is not a toy.  She loves flashlights, remote control, our cell phones, etc. (still true - haha!)

Hates: being sick, changing diaper/clothes, wiping her face.  She has been constantly sick since last month. She has cold after cold, ear infection after ear infection and she just recently came down with the flu.  She has been referred to an ENT to get tubes, so I am hoping that helps her.

Food:  She eats 6oz, every 3-4 hours.  She eats solids 2-4 times a day and LOVES them! She can eat so much solid food now.  She is obsessed with waffles, puffs, etc.

Looking Forward To: First birthday, talking, walking :)

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