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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Leah - 8 Months

Eye Color: Hazel/Brown



  Getting around via pivots and scooting. It's the strangest thing to watch her move across the room in a short amount of time, yet she isn't "crawling".  She has figured out how to roll from her back, to belly, and then get to sitting position. She is not a fan of laying down, so she was quite pleased with herself when she figured this out! She is starting to try and pull up, but hasn't succeeded just yet.

Best Moment(s) This Month: SO close to crawling! First Christmas :)

Bottles & Solid Food
Sitting up and playing with toys
Playing with her big brother
Bouncing on the floor - haha

Favorite Toys: Anything that she can chew on. Or anything her brother has - haha

Hates: hates it when I wipe snot off of her face, change her clothes, when she eats all of the solid food and it's over :)

Food:  She eats 6oz, every 3-4 hours.  She eats solids 2 times a day and LOVES them!

Looking Forward To: STILL dreaming of when she will sleep through the night. This girl is wearing us out.

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