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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Leah - 2 Months

Eye Color: Dark Blue/Grey


  She started social smiling!! I LOVE it when they start smiling! She smiles so easily too.

Best Moment(s) This Month:  We've had a couple of nights where she only wakes up once. She's even had a few 7 hour sleep stretches!  And the SMILES!

Being Swaddled
Looking at our faces
Her Pacifier!

Favorite Toys: She's started to like the Mamaroo swing. Grant hated it, so I'm happy that it's getting some use.  She can't grab toys yet, but she does like to look at black and white patterns.

Taking a bath
Diaper changes

Food:  She eats 3oz, every 2 hours.  I am ready for her to start spacing it out. I tried feeding her 4oz every bottle to see if she'd go longer, but it just ended up making her eat a ton more and spit up. 

Looking Forward To: She isn't cooing much yet so I am looking forward to hearing her "talk" and play with Grant.  He loves to "tickle" her and talk to her and even lays down next to her on her play mat. It's the cutest!

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