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Friday, January 22, 2016

Grant - 20 Months


Age: 20 Months.  Oh my goodness.  In 4 months he will be 2. TWO! Where has the time gone?  We planned on trying for baby #2 after his 2nd birthday, but I still don't feel ready for that yet.  I want more time to give Grant all of my attention and make memories of just the 3 of us.  Plus I am really dreading being pregnant again.  I miss feeling a baby moving around and that all consuming love you feel for the life growing inside of you, but I do NOT miss nausea, vomiting, getting fat (and I got FAT!), swelling, labor, etc.  So for now it will remain the 2 of us :)

New Stuff: This boy loves some Daniel Tiger.  It's on PBS and he is obsessed.  Anytime we turn on the tv, he grabs the remote and hands it to us saying "Tiger" over and over and over.  And if we refuse, it leads to a meltdown.  He loves it.  I'm planning on a Daniel Tiger birthday party if he's still into it in a couple of months.

Words: His vocabulary is really improving since my last update.  He repeats us a lot more often now and I'm starting to understand him when he asks for things.  Tiger, Paci, and Milk are at the top of the request list at the moment.  He also walks around the house yelling Mama! and Dada! when he's looking for us.  So funny.  No sentences yet, but I'm happy with the word improvement right now.

Other Stuff:  He has been catching back to back colds unfortunately.  Which of course led to a double ear infection.  He was put on amoxicillin, but his fussiness hadn't improved after 4 days.  Then the daycare called me and told me his eardrum had ruptured!  They told me he screamed and grabbed his ear and that all sorts of blood and gross stuff was pouring from his ear.  So after freaking out and rushing back to the doctor, we put him on a stronger antibiotic and ear drops.  I hate seeing my little man in pain and knowing he went through something so painful when I wasn't there. Thankfully, the rupture relieved the pressure he'd been feeling and he felt much better afterwards. Both ears seem to have cleared up now though, and he is a happy toddler again.

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