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Monday, August 10, 2015

Grant - 14 months

Age: 14 Months

New Stuff: He loves to play hide and seek and laughs when you pop out and say "Boo!"

His new obsession is "playing" with our cat, Oliver.  His way of playing with the cat is swinging his arms at him until Oliver is upset and hissing.  Apparently this is amusing to Grant because it makes him laugh hysterically. Oliver is declawed, so Grant is in no danger :)

He loves to play with cars and balls.  He keeps alternating which hand he uses to throw and eat, so still no idea if he will be a lefty yet.  He likes to keep us guessing :)

Words: This week he started saying Mama and Dada with intent, like he knows that he is talking about his Mommy and Daddy.  He will also sometimes say Kitty.  Still not a lot on the word front, but he does babble quite a bit more than he used to.

Other Stuff:  This past week Grant has been sick with an unknown illness.  At first he was just having loose bowel movements, but it turned into low grade fever, and eventually a high fever of 103.6.  When I would take him to the doctor, his temp would be normal and then that afternoon it would spike to over 102.  This continued for 6 days and Friday he was finally playing and acting more like himself.  He was laughing and playing and then he stopped, started crying, and then his arms and legs started shaking.  Out of nowhere he just started shivering.  I panicked and took his temp and it was barely 100.  Not high enough to warrant the shaking in my opinion.  I started rocking him and trying to give him comfort.  He ended up falling asleep, but was still shivering. I had no idea what was happening so I called the nurse line and she asked how long ago I had checked his temp.  At this point it had been about 15-20 minutes so I took his temp again and it was already over 103.  Come to find out, a rapid onset fever can cause "chills" and that was why he was shaking so bad.  Saying that I was terrified by the chills sounds ridiculous, but when you're talking about a baby and it honestly looks like he is convulsing and has a high fever, it is terrifying.  He couldn't tell me that he felt cold, so I honestly had no idea what was happening.

Saturday he finally seemed to be feeling a little better, but was still having really soft stools.  Sunday he was fussy most of the day and his stomach seemed to be bothering him.  Now it's Monday and he still seems to be having tummy troubles and is fussy.  The constant dirty diapers have caused him to get a diaper rash despite all of the product I've been slathering on him, so diaper changes are very painful.

I have no idea what is wrong and I am really, really hoping that they were able to find something out with the stool sample I dropped of on Friday.  I feel so helpless watching my son suffer.  I've taken him to the doctor twice since this started and I don't feel like we've made any progress to get him feeling better.  I will update when I hear from the doctor's office with the culture results.
Update: His labs came back fine and he's been fever free for a week.  His tummy seems to be on the mend, but it's not 100% back to normal.  No idea what the problem was or if it was just a few different things at once.  I am just happy that I have my happy toddler back!

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