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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Grant - 3 Months!

Grant is already 3 months old! He's growing like a weed and changing so much.  He smiles so easily now and I feel like we are so close to hearing his sweet laugh.  He's squealed a few times, so I think laughing is right around the corner.

He's getting too long for all of my favorite outfits, which means this mom needs to start shopping for size 6/9 month clothes soon!  He's finally filling out the 3 month onesies in the middle, but I have to really stretch them to get them buttoned.  He's got a long torso like me, so shopping is going to be difficult for him!

Grant has been going to work with me since he was 5 weeks old, but we are starting to think about transitioning him to day care at some point.  I'm so thankful that I was able to bring him to work with me for this long.  Some days are challenging, but it's been so nice to hear him coo and play while I work on payroll.   :)

Grant loves going for walks in our neighborhood!

Age: 3 months

  14 lbs (big boy!)

Eye Color:
Dark Blue/Grey

We are squeezing into 3 month pajamas at this point.  6/9 month fits much better length wise.  Grant is just so long! 6 month onesies are baggy on him, but 3 month onesies barely button.  I'm stretching them at this point to make them fit.  I can already tell that he's going to be hard to buy clothes for.

  Still in size 1, but I think size 2 is right around the corner.

It's so easy to make him smile now.  Just smile at him and he grins right back.  It melts my heart.  He has discovered his hands and loves to put them in his mouth and suck on his fingers.

Best Moment This Month: He finally likes the swing! When he's tired and fussy, but is refusing to fall asleep, I just pop him in his swing and he falls asleep in about 5 minutes.  I'm so glad he finally likes the swing.  It frees up so much more of my time so I can clean or get ready for work in the morning.

Loves: His pacifier, bath time, going for walks, his mobile, the Momaroo.

Hates: Tummy time

Food:  He is getting 100% breast milk.  In the first few weeks we supplemented with formula a handful of times, but now we only give him BM.  I pump 5 times a day and bottle feed him.

Looking Forward To: Hearing his first laugh.  We've had some squeals, but no laugh yet.

He is fascinated by his crib mobile.  It is the Fisher-Price 2-In-1 Precious Planet Projection Mobile.

He loves to stare at the toy balls on the mamaRoo swing.  It's like he's in a trance!

And here's a video of Grant "talking" :)


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