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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Grant - 2 Months!

Grant is 2 months old today! He's grown so much from the day we brought him home from the hospital.  He started out so long and skinny and he is finally starting to plump up :)  At his 2 month check up, he weighed 11 lbs and 9 oz! His chubby little cheeks are absolutely adorable and I love to attack them with kisses!

He smiles so much now, especially in the morning.  He wakes up and stretches and then just smiles at me while I change his diaper.  It totally makes my morning.

He is also getting much better at holding his head up.  When he's sitting in your lap or you hold him over your shoulder he has great neck control.  He hasn't quite mastered lifting it when he is on his tummy though, since he HATES tummy time!

Age: 2 months

11 lbs 9 oz

Eye Color:
Dark Blue/Grey



Talking more, Holds head up much better!

Best Moment This Month: All of the SMILING! I love his precious smile!

Loves: His pacifier, bath time, eye contact, looking outside, "Stay Awake" from Mary Poppins (falls asleep quick!), sitting in my lap, hanging out with Daddy

Hates: Burping, tummy time, hiccups, changing clothes, traveling

Looking Forward To: Him being able to hold his head up by himself and sit by himself.

He has started to "talk" more and is making new sounds.  I love listening to him coo!

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